In the truest sense a links golf course is between the beaches and the land, in Scotland. The course in Albany is probably the closest thing that you will get to the true Scottish experience, but in our case the beer on tap is better and the weather is much, much nicer the whole year through. No snap frozen greens here; just the occasional rainbow.

group of members


We have our own pace in Albany; a more deliberate, thoughtful tempo. Still, if you are in a burning hurry you can always play a faster round; the course is firm.

view of the course from the air


That lake in the bottom of the photo above is where we draw our water. We deliberately take the minimum required to keep our greens green, because the rest is for the waterbirds and fish.

teeing off


The links feature knolls and knobs to create odd bounces and angles. We feel this adds to the visual interest.